Vision and Mission

Our goal is to produce & market high quality metal cutting Bandsaw machines that make the COBRA our customer’s preferred supplier, focussing on the continuous improvement of our process, machines & services...............

COBRA team is committed to :-

1. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION:- We do everything possible to meet or exceeds the needs of our customer, we strive to build & to maintain long term partnership.

2. INNOATION:- We support an environment that encourages innovative solutions in response to our customer’s & manufacturing needs.

3. OPEN COMMUNICATION:- We communicate openly with one another, making us more proactive & creating synergy within all departments.

4. CONTINOUS IMPROVEMENT:- It means that we are always looking for ways to improve our machines, processes, services & ourselves. The capacity to compete is more likely to be maintained through small incremental improvements over time than through an occasional giant leap.

5. QUALITY & SERVICES:- We strictly believes that the success of our business depends on producing a heavy duty, quality machines with prompt after sales services on consistent basis.

6. TEAM WORK:- It means working together to reach our organisational goals & respond to the needs of our customers.